Getting children realise what they have done wrong is sometimes hard.  But by setting marking systems (for example) that allow them to see they haven’t ‘hit the maximum’ can help.  For example, having 10 Points to a Great…. is a good way to start, as children recognise straight, away when peer or self assessing, which points they have missed. Or what about sharing the ‘mistakes’ that could have been made and asking the children to spot them - much more fun!

There are a whole host of things that can be done and I have some that can start you off, from looking at what makes a good conclusion to what makes a good graph…and all the bits in between and beyond - obviously this compliments the ‘Being Scientific’ process and the use of individual skills.  This resource will get your started on your own ideas and provide support for differentiation.

The children find it so much easier to peer and self assess now as they have already ‘spotted the mistakes’ and the support cards in the Enquiry Cycle (sic) really help them to know what they should be including.  Thank you.’

Subject leader in a challenged school whose results for science improved dramatically in a year

NB: the Enquiry Cycle is the ‘Being Scientific Resource



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