Whilst the terminology may have changed to ‘Working Scientifically’ in the National Curriculum for England, and the International Community use Inquiry rather than Enquiry, the skills involved are still pretty much the same what every you call them.  It’s about ‘being scientific’ and this involves thinking in a certain way - simply put, it is about asking questions and finding answers.  The method developed in the way the questions are answered and the analysis of the data discovered, leading to more questions… and so the cycle continues…

This resource was developed to support that process as well as the use of individuals skill.  

Each stage (the 7 boxed areas) has a series of age related support cards ‘underneath’ it, so the resource is quite a large one!  Use it either with children for independent work or for you, the teacher, to use as an aid or prompt. Use it on the whiteboard for whole class teaching and to help illustrate which skill area is being developed in that session.  If you want to develop individual skills as a focus of a lesson whilst maintaining the concept that it is part of a bigger picture, then this resource can help you.  

The presenting information sheet is so helpful and reminds everyone of all the different types, complimenting maths too.’

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