During my work in many schools and several local authorities from across the UK, I have developed ideas and materials that I used when teaching full time.  From the feedback of those who have tried the suggestions and used the materials, I have come to realise that these materials could be helpful to a much wider audience and so have created this website in order to share these and hopefully to support others, even when I can’t be in school with them.

Being Scientific

A complete resource to help with focus on skills and working in a scientific manner, whilst maintaining the ‘enquiry cycle’, with progression built in.


To compliment the Being  Scientific to help provide feedback and next steps for children as support for teachers to plan for progression.

Thinking Challenges

A resource to start you off with some ideas to encourage children to think, with small challenges to use each day/lesson.


Another small set of resources to start you off in engaging children in individual skills, almost as games, such as spot the mistakes and 10 steps to a …

Tips and Wrinkles

A series of booklets with ideas to have in your planner for those occasions when  you need to go off the lesson plan but want to maintain your normal standards and type of activities.  Other ideas need more planning, but these might get you thinking and producing more of your own.


Nearly completed, but a resource based on aliens and the patterns in data to develop analytical skills.  The starting points are here if you want to see what it will become or use it in its present form.

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