Due to the time and expertise that has gone into these materials, I do appreciate a contribution in order that I can take the time needed to continue to develop ideas and resources to share with you.  If you have seen the sample (click on the links below) and you would like to purchase the resource you can do so through Paypal.  If you require something more specialised or tailored, then please contact me so I can put this together for you.  There isn’t any additional charge for this.  All resources are in pdf format.  For other formats e.g. powerpoint or Word please contact me.

Resource consists of:


Being Scientific

Being Scientific over view sheet (detailed and image versions (for young children) and one that can be used A3 for children to use for planning;

6 sets of age related support cards;

2 set of differentiated support cards (asking questions and methods of presenting);

2 support cards to help decide on the type of enquiry and further detailed cards for discussion.



An overview over view sheet of progression as stated in NC for England and then one with the ‘gaps filled in’ for other year groups, based on Working Scientifically;

More detailed things to look for at that age related expectation - two versions

Set of questions to support children and move them forwards, as part of feedback.


Thinking Challenges

A set of 200 slides with a range of questions and activities on them to get you started with ideas of ‘challenge for today’ style activities that take a few minutes or for lessons set as open ended challenges.



10 steps to a great graph and table;

Is this a good… several examples of evaluations, predictions, conclusions, fair tests etc - more can be supplied;

Spot the mistake tables and graphs (with answers!);

Not an exhaustive set but something to get you started.


Tips and Wrinkles

There are a range of cards that can be produced for this either as A5 booklets (4 sided) or bookmark sized (6 sided) with topics of (not an exhaustive list, but useful for ideas and for staff to have to hand):

Ready to go Starter and Plenary and Extension ideas;

Planned Starter and Plenary and Extension ideas;

Progression in a nutshell;

Types of enquiry examples and overview;

Classroom Management Tips including planning ideas.


(4 sided)


(6 sided)


A resource in the making with descriptions, images, a planet  linking to Literacy

Data handling activities to engage with


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