‘Child centred’ and ‘child lead’ learning have become key phrases in recent years, but they aren’t ‘new’ ideas.  Supporting children to think and wonder; to apply their ideas for themselves; to develop new skills to answer their own ‘wonderings’, are key to creating the great minds of tomorrow.

But making this happen in the classroom takes skills of our own and requires practical advice that makes sense.  Practical advice that can be applied easily and lead you to develop your own ideas.

The premise behind this website is less of advertising myself, and much more about sharing the advice and suggestions along with the materials that have helped develop practise:

This year not only have we all enjoyed science more, but science writing has been used as moderation for Year 6 for English - a definite first!’

Deputy Head and PSTT Fellow.

Feel free to browse, email and ask questions or to download (there is a small charge for a complete resource).  Hopefully find a few things that may spark your own ideas, supporting you to develop your practice at the same time as developing the skills of your children.

MIP #9

Take advantage…

Of opportunities that arise.

If it snows.. Explore it.

If it is windy… use it.

If there is an event in the classroom, develop it.  

All learning is valuable

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